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Every year on Bhadarva Purnima over 15 lakh+ devotees walk to Ambaji Temple. About 10 days of long journey during Ambaji’s Pad Yatra, more than 75 tonnes of waste is generated which leads to adverse effects on soil, water and land.

Nepra Foundation is taking the initiative to organize waste collection drive from Ahmedabad on two "Pad Yatra"routes i.e. one route via Mehsana, Visnagar, Kheralu and Danta, and other is via Himmatnagar, Ider, and Khedbrahma.

DONATION required, VOLUNTEERS required to serve Maa Amba and save Environment. For Donation click here


Last year from Ambaji Pad Yatra, approximately 58,000 kg of waste was collected and sent towards recycling or energy recovery. To read more about the event please click here.

UNDER ​INITIATIVE                                                                                                      SPONSORED&

GUIDANCE OF:                                                                                                                   BY

GUJARAT POLLUTION                                                         GUJARAT STATE PLASTIC MANUFACTURERS

    CONTROL BOARD,                                                                           ASSOCIATION, AHMEDABAD

    GANDHINAGAR                                                                       GUJARAT & PLASTINDIA FOUNDATION

Connecting the waste pickers with the corporate, so that the corporate under the corporate social responsibility get involved in activities like old cloth, books and utensils donation. Facilitating the waste pickers form saving groups, and do inter-loaning. This would help them become accessible to get loan from banks and micro-finance institutions. Linking the waste pickers to the Micro finance institutions in collaboration with NEPRA Resource management Pvt. Ltd. Providing ID cards to the waste pickers to create authenticity and preparing their database. No such database exists up till now; this database can be of great help in the implementation of government schemes or policies. Organizing health camps for the waste picker community.
Promoting micro entrepreneurship model in waste management for the poor women of rural and urban areas. Promoting the micro entrepreneurship model for the people from bottom of pyramid.
Create awareness about better waste management practices amongst residents in AHMEDABAD. Spreading awareness about hygiene and cleanliness amongst waste pickers.
Enhancing the skills of the waste pickers by instilling the scientific know how of waste segregation and sorting. We would try to add value to their traditionally existing knowledge that would help them move up the hierarchy in the waste management business. This will provide employment to the trainers who themselves belong to the bottom of pyramid.


Food Waste is India Did you know that Indians waste as much food as the whole of United Kingdom consumes (CSR JOURNAL, 29th Aug, 2015). The irony is, while India is struggling hard to feed its population, a lot of food is getting wasted. Wastage is just the beginning, what happens after that is more dreadful. Food waste when reaches the landfill, breaks down to release methane which is a green house gas and is 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Methane is released due to lack of oxygen in the landfill, as well as, food waste being covered with more harmful garbage. At this time, bacteria act on the waste releasing poisonous components in the air. This is the air we breathe in. Besides, India being a resource deficit country is running short of landfill sites. If we do not act now, soon we would have to find another planet to live in.
The solution Planning your meals is the most effective way to control food wastage and to reduce the food bills. However, there is still a lot of organic waste for instance dried leaves, sticks etc. that is generated in the house/building/hotel/restaurant which needs to be recovered in some form. COMPOSTING is the best way to handle all the organic waste generated. Compost is an important soil amendment made of decomposed plants and food waste. Adding compost to soil helps retain moisture and nutrients, providing soil the necessary microorganisms to make it fertile.
All you need for composting Machines like ENV-ACT are composting machines that run on Environ Accelerated composting technology that uses advanced fluid heating mechanism to form compost. They are fully automatic composting machines that coverts organic waste into compost within 24 hours. Such machines are required to manage the waste in an efficient, economical and eco-friendly manner.
WHY A COMPOSTING MACHINE ~ It prepares high quality compost in powdered form. ~ The compost can be directly used in gardens and fields by simply mixing with the soil. ~ No specialized operator is required for operating the machine. ~ The operation is noiseless and odorless. ~ Minimum maintenance is required ~ No harmful gases are released while preparing the compost. Only water vapor and carbon dioxide is released. ~ High quality composting tank makes it durable. ~ It is made up of high quality stainless steel Who All Can Take? ~ Hotels ~ Commercial Complexes ~ Restaurants ~ Townships ~ Industries
Be More Aware About What Can Be Converted to Green Gold! Things that can be converted to compost ~ Dried leaves ~ Twigs ~ Curry ~ Roti ~ Bread ~ Fruits ~ Fruit Peels ~ Vegetable Peels ~ Other left over kitchen waste
DONATE the machine to : ~ Municipal Corporations ~ Temples ~ Government Schools ~ NGOs ~ Small Scale Industries ~ Villages

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